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AF New Daddy Survival Kit

UPC: 5060370297238

$ 0.00
Treat a brand new Dad to the New Daddy Survival Kit from Men's Society. Housed in a compact and sleek metal tin, the little kit contains a selection of essential items that would be most welcome for a father of a newborn...

AF Night Away Travel Kit

UPC: 5056454406283

$ 34.99

Duke Cannon Superior Grade 2 Fl oz. Shaving Cream

UPC: 850300008165

$ 8.50
2 fl. oz shaving cream

AF Whiskey Hangover Recovery Kit

UPC: 5056454406214

$ 34.99
Know someone who always has one glass too many? This hangover survival kit was made for them. Made in United Kingdom

AF Time With the In-Laws Survival Kit

UPC: 5056454406238

$ 34.99
The perfect gift for your partner if they're going to have to spend any extended time with your parents. It's got everything they need to keep calm and smile through the stress. Made in United Kingdom

AF The Golfer's Pamper Kit

UPC: 5056454406030

$ 34.99
A few little 'Birdies' told us that you actually want to be flying high with the 'Condors'. Struggling to keep Below Par on the course? .... well no need for it to leave you feeling 'below par' afterwards. We have everyt...

AF Sportsman Recovery Kit

UPC: 5060370295579

$ 31.99
You've worked hard, now treat yourself and your bulging biceps. Perfect after you hit the gym. Stretch those muscles and ease the tension. Remember: muscles don't grow in the gym, it's the hours after that count. Suita...

AF New Daddy Survival Kit

UPC: 5056454410396

$ 31.99
They say that becoming a parent is a magical thing. Maybe so, but sleep is much nicer. Help him through this troubling time with the new daddy survival kit! Just don't let him claim any sympathy - he'll be perfectly res...

AF Hero Dad Pamper Kit

UPC: 5056454406146

$ 34.99

AF Handsome Hands Manicure Kit

UPC: 5056454401592

$ 28.99
Manicures are manly at last! Why shouldn't men be allowed to enjoy a good pamper session? This kit is everything he needs to keep his fingers and nails pristine. Suitable for: The well preened man. Hard working hands. Gi...

AF Groomsman Survival Kit

UPC: 5056454406184

$ 35.99
It contains everything they'll need to keep your wedding running smoothly. Made in United Kingdom

AF Damn Handsome Dad kit

UPC: 5056454406115

$ 35.99

AF Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit

UPC: 5056454405880

$ 35.99
A great beard demands care and attention, both from its wearer and its admirers. This wonderful beard kit contains all the essential products needed to help soften, moisturise and style your moustache and beard. Whether ...

AF Birthday Hangover Kit

UPC: 5056454406221

$ 31.99

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Old Milwaukee Big Ass Brick...

UPC: 854410004727

$ 10.00
Duke Cannon Supply Co. 10 Oz. Big Ass Beer Soap In Woodsy Sandlewood Scent - Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Ass Brick of Soap smells like woodsy sandlewood not beer. It's an oversized steel cut grains and triple milled super...